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Informing Authorities of a Death - A Guide

The government operates a service which is called “Tell Us Once”

Using this service one phone call will cancel anything connected to the government.

To use this service, the registrar will give you a leaflet explaining the procedure which can be done by telephone or online. Also the registrar will give you a “Tell Us Once” reference number, which will be required to complete the task.

What “Tell Us Once” Does

This service prompts the authorities to:

Death Certificates

Additional copies of death certificate can be purchased from the registrar at a cost of £11.00 each. These certified copies will be needed for any of the following purposes, among others. They can be purchased at the time of registering the death or at a later date.

* Accounts will be frozen until such times as the deceased’s estate is dealt with, then can be closed. However, a Bank or Building Society is able to settle funeral costs provided sufficient funds exist in the deceased’s account.

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